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Tolan is a major talent that is undenibly beyond his years.  At only 22 he can imagine on canvas what we can only dream about. Tolan Harris aka Van is a 22 year old painter whose paintings are intense, colorful, and full of life – just like the artist, a Leo. He also freestyles, and is an accomplished skateboarder, something he’s been doing for 6 years. Developing his style & tricks, Tolan calls skateboarding another “physical art form”. We’re sure a lot of our Raisers would agree.

He added animation & writing to his bag of tricks in 2010 for his school final project. See RaiseART’s link to this project, along with a gallery of his painting & drawing, below.

We hope to see a lot more of Tolan’s painting, drawing, animation, writing & skateboarding very soon!

This is an example of his freshman work. This was among his first pieces of work that really shows what is is capable of producing